Workshop Dates: April 24 and May 1, 2010

Workshop Instructor:  Wade Duerkes, NIU Media Services
Workshop Assistants:  Joe Thill and Melanie Wallace, Waubonsee College

Teen Workshop Participants:
Brianna Hooker, Sycamore
Lydia Lowe, Sycamore
Zach Johnson, Malta
Jasmin Rabidoux, DeKalb
Michaela Simone, Geneva
Erin Thornburg, Polo

NIU Art Museum:
Jo Burke
Erin Coleman-Cruz



Office of the Provost: Roger Maas, Frederick Schwantes
Office of Public Affairs: Mark McGowan
Office of Sponsored Projects: Andrea Buford, Kristin Duffy
Office of Grants Fiscal: Kristin Bigelew, Julie Weber, Barb Whitesel
Legal Services: Gregory Brady
Information Technology Services: Maria Nalley, Tracy Tittelbach, Stephanie Vickers
Regional History Center/University Archives: Cindy Ditzler, Joan Metzger
Transportation:Patty Atwell and Chuck Clark
Foundation: Judy Schneider

Project Promotional Graphics: Sophia Varcados

DeKalb County Public School District: Gil Morrison
HEART Home School Organization: Lorri Thrower
DeKalb County Farm Sites: Paul, Florence, and Aaron Butler; Jim, Sue and James Walter

Support for this project came in part from:
The Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency
3M Foundation

Thank you all so very much for your aid and assistance on this project!